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What is Block? Block is a logistics system specialized in warehouse/storage facilities management, also known as WMS (in English, Warehouse Management System). Apart from merchandise administration, the system also comprises wider concepts such as planning, location, organization and resource monitoring with the purpose of making the most of available information.

The system will help you connect in real time with your business, removing down time, minimizing errors and allowing you to work in a more coordinated manner through specific operating indicators. In order to improve your business operations, commitment of your staff and a tool specially designed to control and follow up fulfillment of all goals set are necessary.

» How is your warehouse?

What size is your warehouse/storage facility/CD?

How many items do you manage at the warehouse/storage facility/CD?

Do you perform reception, storage, picking up and dispatching tasks simultaneously?

How many employees handle merchandise at the same time?

How often is inventory taken at the warehouse/storage facility/CD?

Rate of differences in inventories

Tu deposito es complejo y desorganizado

Find out what type
of storage
facility you run

» Benefits

›› 98% reduction in difficulties consequent from differences in inventories.

›› 99% reduction in product identification errors.

›› 96% reduction in loss of merchandise caused by expiration dates.

› Simultaneous task performance for all types of operations.
› Total identification and tracking of merchandise from entry to final dispatch.
› Handling criteria - fifo, fefo & lifo accounting techniques.
› Standardized interfaces in line with other systems.
› Web-based application.
› Administration of combos and maquila manufacturing operations.
› Data capture using bar codes throughout the application.
› Possibility of integration with rfid and voicepicking.
› Customizable, personalized and exportable reports.
› Taking of inventory in real time without interrupting business operations.
› Adjustments for differences in inventories.
› Differenciated user profiles and permissions.
› Staff training.
› Technical maintenance support.

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